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Blurred lines: how retailers can bridge the gap between physical and digital

Many retailers are fearful of the challenges they face with the growth of online shopping. But it is now becoming clear that many of those fears are unfounded. A major report from The NZ Retailers Association shows that while over 50 percent of New Zealanders now shop online, over 60 percent of online retail purchases in New Zealand were made at domestic retailers. … Continue reading

Is social media the next area for CIO innovation?

Are CIOs at risk of getting left behind on social media? Two recent surveys would seem to suggest that they are. Gartner’s survey of more than 2300 CIOs worldwide found that social media was a low priority (11th) for the majority of CIOs interviewed, while harmon.ie’s survey found that only 10 percent of CIOs in the Fortune 250 and … Continue reading

Can today’s Disruptive Technologies help us ‘Get the Big Stuff Done’?

As the recession and rising unemployment continues to bite, many economists and analysts are banking on new technologies to help kick-start the global economy out of recession. One of the world’s leading management consultancy firms The Boston Consulting Group, for example, recently predicted that the value of the web economy in G20 countries will nearly … Continue reading

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