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I am a senior manager/digital consultant with international agency experience in leading the delivery of holistic customer-centric strategies and digital programmes. I am also a Tutor/Presenter in Digital Marketing for the Marketing Association and a regular writer and speaker on digital trends. If you would like to discuss any aspect of your digital requirements, please feel free to contact me. (e) mstheresaclifford@hotmail (m) +64 21 026 17779
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Blurred lines: how retailers can bridge the gap between physical and digital

Many retailers are fearful of the challenges they face with the growth of online shopping. But it is now becoming clear that many of those fears are unfounded. A major report from The NZ Retailers Association shows that while over 50 percent of New Zealanders now shop online, over 60 percent of online retail purchases in New Zealand were made at domestic retailers. … Continue reading

How to Improve Your Email Marketing Performance

Why does email marketing continue to outperform other marketing channels? It’s cost effective, targeted and delivers results. According to a recent DMA report from the UK email is delivering a 2,500% ROI! So for every $1 spent on email, the average return was almost 25 times that amount. Given the costs of acquiring and using a subscriber … Continue reading

Time to lose the libel laws

In Auckland last week, Joe Karam, a former New Zealand international rugby player, was awarded $535,000 plus $500,000 of legal costs in a highly publicised defamation case, making it one of the largest defamation awards in New Zealand history. But while this may be a legal victory for Karam, we should be concerned by this … Continue reading

Brand Me

Have we become a narcissistic and self-obsessed society? A recent interview given by the fashion mogul Tom Ford in which he cited the ‘narcissism on Instagram’ as a pet hate, prompted content strategist Will Sansom to address this question. Writing in Contagious magazine, Sansom notes the explosion of social media and our ‘selfie culture’ and … Continue reading

Top Digital Tips for 2014

My fellow tutors of Digital Marketing and I have combined forces to share our top tips for 2013. Theresa Clifford, Digital Director, PHD 2014 has seen a growth in targeting options in each of Facebook (Reach Blocks, Promoted Posts, Custom Audiences, Page Post Links), LinkedIn (Sponsored Updates adding to targeted ads) and Twitter (Keyword, Interest, … Continue reading

Marketing so useful, people would pay for it!

YouTility is a concept has been developed by Jay Baer, in his bestselling book of the same name. So what is YouTility? According to Baer, YouTility is all about helping your customers. Helping can replace selling. Sell something and you make a customer. Help someone and you make a customer for life. For Baer, the … Continue reading

Looking through the PRISM of state surveillance

After the recent revelations about PRISM, many are now pressing the New Zealand Government for more information on how much involvement its own spy agency, Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), has had with PRISM and how much of that was used to spy on its citizens. Now that the dust has settled on Edward Snowden’s whistle … Continue reading

Can neuromarketing make mind-readers of us all?

Ever since the days of Ernest Dichter, the Austrian- American psychologist and marketing expert who pioneered the application of Freudian psychoanalytic concepts to the study of consumer behaviour, marketers have been trying to tap into the human subconscious to influence consumers. Now armed with the technology to measure brain impulses, neuromarketing claims to be able to … Continue reading

The tragedy of the creative commons

Two weeks ago Aaron Swartz, co-creator of Reddit and RSS, hanged himself in his New York apartment. He was just 26 years old. Swartz was seen by his supporters as a visionary hero, fighting to make information freely available on the internet. As the founder of Demand Progress, which advocates a free and open internet, he … Continue reading

Become a Social Business to Attract and Retain Talent in 2013

In today’s challenging economic conditions, the ability to attract and retain talent is obviously an important factor for any business. And an increasing number of industry leaders now believe that talent, not cash, is king. These industry leaders believe that we are witnessing a paradigmatic shift where human capital is more important than financial capital. … Continue reading

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