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Top Digital Tips for 2014

My fellow tutors of Digital Marketing and I have combined forces to share our top tips for 2013.

Theresa Clifford, Digital Director, PHD
2014 has seen a growth in targeting options in each of Facebook (Reach Blocks, Promoted Posts, Custom Audiences, Page Post Links), LinkedIn (Sponsored Updates adding to targeted ads) and Twitter (Keyword, Interest, Device and Geographic targeting of Promoted posts), Google (Dynamic Search Advertising) and Trade Me (Mosaic targeting). Each one of these developments has given us many more options to target customers, particularly on mobile devices.

We are still in the early days of mobile advertising but in the last quarter, 41% of Facebook’s ad revenue was from mobile devices. The year before, it was virtually nothing. Part of this success is because Facebook has managed to make the advertising appear native, seamlessly integrating into users’ feeds.  Advertisers and publishers are finding new ways of allowing advertising without repelling their users. As such, ad formats are becoming more integrated and “in feed” ad placements will become a more popular choice for advertisers.

Wearable technology and life-logging is no longer just a fad. With the launch of the new iPhone 5S, Apple announced the M7, a “motion coprocessor” that taps into the phone’s accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass to give the device a better picture of what you’re doing from moment to moment. Instead of just knowing “moving” or “not moving,” the M7 can tell if you’re standing, walking, running, or driving. The M7 will allow for more context-aware behaviour throughout our devices. Moving forward it won’t be a Nike app that’s figuring out if you’re running, walking or biking, it will be your iPhone.

Pete Robson, Digital Marketing Manager, Z Energy
In digital the key to reaching customers (new and existing) isn’t about sales pitches. Rather, talk directly to the things they are interested in through the places/channels that they use regularly every day; browsing, blogs, social media, your website, or search. Give them something to be interested in you for – could be unique information, entertainment or tools/services they can’t get elsewhere.

Through mobile we can now target at the right time AND place. Creating things like geofences to targets consumers with competitive ads is not hard to do… it could be locations based on your bricks & motar sites, it could be based on key behaviors to identify them as potentially good customers, or maybe even when they are near a competitor locations! Is there an opportunity for it for your organisation?

Social media jobs are no longer exclusive. Everyone has a LinkedIn profile, and any of your staff can be talking about your company in Trade Me forums. Take the time to share, teach and educate your colleagues about your organisations reason for being there as well as some of the Do’s & Don’ts in Social Media. And get yourself a Social Media policy (just Google “social media policy template nz”)!

Cornelius Boertjens, MD, Catchi
Digital marketing is “forcing” all marketers to become marketing analysts as everything we do online is measurable in some shape or form and we now expect the offline component to have a measurable element as well, e.g. TVC driving traffic to a landing page (measuring unique visitors and conversions)

As the individual digital marketing disciplines are growing in size (more time and money spend on digital marketing) and complexity, we see more and more people and agencies specialising in certain digital marketing fields, e.g. SEO, CRO, SEM, Mobile, design instead of all things digital.

For companies in NZ that sell products offline and online, we are seeing them having to compete with global players; e.g. people are buying shoes online from Asos in the UK or big brands directly from the manufacturer. This shift has already changed the face of the appliances industry (margins under pressure and companies like Noel Leeming sold to The Warehouse), but I expect clothing retailers to follow next.



About Theresa Clifford

I am a senior manager/digital consultant with international agency experience in leading the delivery of holistic customer-centric strategies and digital programmes. I am also a Tutor/Presenter in Digital Marketing for the Marketing Association and a regular writer and speaker on digital trends. If you would like to discuss any aspect of your digital requirements, please feel free to contact me. (e) mstheresaclifford@hotmail (m) +64 21 026 17779


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